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Institution Code: SA4 | 911 Artrticles | Page: 1 / 183

1. Title: Periodontal Disease and Halitosis
Author(s): Hamad Alzoman
Source: Saudi Dental Journal 2008;20 (1)

2. Title: The effect of intermittent passive ultrasonic irrigation and rotary instruments on microbial colonies of infected root canals
Author(s): Ebtissam M.Al-Madi,Hanan A. Balto
Source: Saudi Dental Journal 2008;20(1)

3. Title: Perception of facial profile attractiveness by a Saudi sample
Author(s): Nabeel Talic, Mohammad S. Alshakhs 
Source: Saudi Dental Journal 2008;20(1)

4. Title: Dentist’s opinion toward treatment of pregnant patients
Author(s): Ra’ed Al-Sadhan, Abdullatif Al-Manee
Source: Saudi Dental Journal 2008;20(1)

5. Title: A modified palatal crib appliance for children with predetermined thumb-sucking habit - Case report
Author(s): Sulaiman Al-Emran
Source: Saudi Dental Journal 2008;20(1)

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